We are proud to present the finest locally sourced charcuterie, pâtés and award-winning cheeses, all served with local bread and chutney.
Opening Hours

Mon to Wed – 9.00am to 7.00pm
Thur to Sat – 9.00am to 10.00pm
Sun – 9.30am to 4.00pm

Nibbles   £3

Garlic and herb infused olives

Salted almonds

Bread and Olive oil

Medjool dates

Light Bites

Brown Cow Organic yogurt   £5

topped with locally sourced granola 

Today’s homemade soup   £6

served with fresh crusty sourdough bread

Country pate board   £8

with bread and sourdough crackers

Smoked mackerel pate board   £8

with bread and sourdough crackers

Hummus board   £8

seasoned with fresh coriander and paprika
served with crudités’, bread and sourdough crackers

Cheese board   £8

served with chutney, seasonal garnish, breads and sourdough crackers
select 2 cheeses 

Charcuterie board   £8

served with chutney, seasonal garnish, breads and sourdough crackers
a selection of cold cured meats 

Sharing boards

Baked Somerset Camembert   £15

with rosemary and garlic, served with breads and crackers

Baked Vacherin Mont d’Or   £30

only made during winter and named after the Golden Mountain in Jura region

baked to order and served with cornichons, freshly sliced apple and a selection of breads and crackers

The Bishop’s Board   £12 per head

Charcuterie and cheese board

served with chutney, seasonal garnish, breads, sourdough crackers and charcuterie selection

select 2 cheeses and 1 pate

Vegetarian board

served with hummus and a selection of seasonal vegetables, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, chutney, seasonal fruits, breads and sourdough crackers

select 2 cheeses

Cheese Selection
English Pecorino

Semi-hard ewe’s milk cheese matured for five months to deliver a nutty flavour with a hint of caramel.  2019 Supreme Champion

Source: Somerset Cheese Company, Ditcheat.

(P. V.)


Hard buffalo’s milk cheese with a buttery, creamy texture and savoury character.

Source: Somerset Cheese Company.  Ditcheat

(P. V.)

Somerset Brie

Creamy with a mild fresh flavour and a soft edible rind.

Source: Cricket St Thomas

(V. P.)

Draycott Blue

Sweet, creamy texture with a deep blue

Source: Times Past Dairy. Draycott


Merry Wyfe

Semi-soft cow’s cheese. Washed in homemade cider

Source: Bath Soft Cheese Co. Kelston

(O.P. V.)

Barber’s 1833 Cheddar

Intense, with an exceptional depth of

Source: Barber’s. Ditcheat

Capricorn Goat’s

Mild, clean slightly nutty flavour.

Source: Cricket St Thomas


Brebirousse D’Argental

Distinctive orange-rinded soft brie style ewe’s milk cheese. Very creamy

Source: Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, France

(P. V.)

Fourme D’Ambert

Creamy blue cow’s milk cheese.

Source: Cantal, France


Paté Selection
Forestiére Paté

Chicken liver pâté


Smoked mackerel pâté

Our own creamy pâté



Homemade chickpea and tahini


  1. Organic – U. Unpasteurised – P. Pasteurised – V. Vegetarian VG. Vegan – GF. Gluten Free